Ballpoint Pens

All of Coopers Woodcraft ballpoint pens are handcrafted at our shop in Minnesota.  We offer several styles including slimline, cigar, bullet, and twist.  Many of these can be customized or themed using different metals and parts.  Custom designs may include different metals such as chrome, brass, pewter, copper and exotics like titanium.  Themes can include your choice of color (wood can be dyed) and then there are specialty pens such as fishing, cars, motorcycles, military, steampunk and even sports such as football and baseball. 

We turn each of our pens out of wood, acrylic and other plastics.  This also allows us to shape a pen to our customers specifications.  Maybe you prefer a skinny profile, or you would like to have something more meaty to hold on to.  

If you do not see it, just ask on our customer service form.  We will be happy to answer questions or provide a quote for your custom pen.