Pen Care

Caring for Your New Pen

Congratulations on your recent purchase from Coopers Woodcraft!  Your pen will give you years of reliable service if maintained properly.  
The final finish we use on wood pens will act as a sealer and protective coating for your pen. If you want to buff the pen after some time and use, use a light coat of furniture paste wax and this will protect and put a shine on the wood.  A plastic type clear coat car polish can also be used on both wood and acrylic pen barrels.  If your pen becomes dirty, we suggest using a soft cloth and some glass cleaner.  


Most of our ballpoint pens use Parker Style pen refills.  Our rollerball pens use a Hauser refill and our fountain pens use standard refill cartridges or can be refilled using an ink pump.  
All refills are available on our website or at most office supply stores.  

Wood Pens

Our wood pens are made natural wood!  Some of wood has been stabilized by adding resin and others are dried and turned to shape. Wood is subject to environmental conditions and some care should be taken to maintain the beauty and the stability of the pen barrel(s).  Wood can be temperature sensitive, so avoid extreme heat / cold.  

We use a number of finishes depending on the look type of pen we create. Don’t use cleaning fluids (acetone, turpentine etc . ) or any abrasive substances on your new writing instrument. The fluids and / or abrasives may damage the finish.


We us many varieties of Acrylics, Plastics and Resins in our pens.  The same care should be taken with this material as with wood pens.

While Acrylics are a little more stable when it comes to temperature variations, they more delicate and can be damaged or cracked if dropped or flexed / bent. If the finish dulls you can use a high quality car polish or clear coat polish to buff your pen. Light scratches can be buffed out with automotive scratch remover.